Classes and Services


All yoga classes start with landing on your mat and getting grounded in your body, coming into the present moment and calming your mind. Classes include vinyasa flows to build heat. Poses are held for several breaths to make real changes to the body. Classes end with silent savasana, or one led with visualization. A light spray of natural essential oil blends to enhance the relaxation experience. Savasana is one of the most important asanas where the benefits of your practice integrate into every cell.

Yoga (all levels welcomed)
$10 for the first class. Walk in $15 per one hour class.
$25 per one hour private class
Classes include chakra balancing, hand mudras, pranayama and many other eastern holistic practices.

Integrated Energy Therapy
$45 per treatment (call to book an appointment)
A healing touch modality.

Ionic Detox
$30 per treatment (call to book an appointment)
A process of soaking feet in a tub of warm water with an aerator. The toxins are removed from the body through the bottom of the feet.

Aromatherapy Consult
$25 (call to book an appointment)
A special essential oil blend will be prepared based on your personal needs. Each client will leave with a bottle of customized blend of oils.